Stucco Is A Cost Effective And Durable Approach To Living A Quality Lifestyle

Stucco Is A Cost Effective And Durable Approach To Living A Quality Lifestyle

Stucco is one of those amazing materials that can be used for interior and exterior designing for a home or professional establishment. The finishes come in a variety of styles and textures which provides both the durability and flexibility consumers require. This material is a cost effective and reliable approach to appreciating your investment for years to come.

Quality of performance and outcome is greatly due to consistency which fosters an enriched finished product. This material must be applied in very three crucial steps which guarantee that it will continue to strengthen over a period of time. Under a microscope the Stucco will have a snow flake like appearance that adheres to the sand molecules. Surprisingly it will continue to grow at a steady pace for seven days; and reach its peak at seven years.

Exterior applications must be strategically placed on a well suspended lath material to properly prepare it for the three phase application process. This is the primary step that permits maximum strength for all coatings to adhere to the property. After the first coat the brown coat is added and scraped for a flat wall appearance that acts as the canvas for the texture selection of the finished product.

After the second application there is an industry standard waiting period of seven days to ensure the material has the right amount of time to cure. Upon completion of the wait time the final finish can be securely applied. Water curing is a very important part of the process as it prohibits the wall from drying too quickly which might create unfavorable cracks in the surface.

Sand and cement are the two primary ingredients in the brown coating and it is vital that the appropriate ratio be utilized to support the bonding between the two. When water is added to the cement it expands which enables it to become extremely durable. Having the right mixture creates the most desired bond with these two elements; which in the end provides the best possible outcome for the Stucco wall.

Interior installations are slightly different, there are still three steps and a fourth for a polished marble affect is optional. The initial surface must be completely smooth and free from imperfections which means one will have to do some sanding. There are a great number of color options and bees wax is used to polish the finished product.

For a matte finish which is often referred to as the Tuscan look the bees wax coating is not applied at all. There are so many choices to consider which makes deciding on your most desired outcome a bit of a challenge. There are a number of do-it yourself- guides for those who might want to consider taking on an improvement project. And there are a number of reputable contractors that can be hired to outsource the work; it all depends on your budget and level of interest.

Stucco is both an amazing and beautiful material to work and live with as it provides the sophistication and old world charm many consumers appreciate. It is a material that allows its residents to feel as if they are in a far off land where traditional elements are held in the highest regard. Determining your best options can be determined by getting your research underway.