Renovating The Bathroom On A Budget

Renovating The Bathroom On A Budget

You can save a lot of money by buying a home that’s dated. Provide the construction is solid, you will create a great deal of equity simply by updating the look of the home. With some elbow grease and smart changes, you can invest in bathroom renovations that will be bright, cheerful and a boost to your property value.

Save the Old Cabinet

Many old cabinets are still solid, but they are dated. You may be tempted to go out and buy a new vanity, but you can refinish the one you have. If you aren’t interested in the look of wood, then consider painting it a solid white or another color. Create an impressive antiqued look by applying a coat of color, sanding it lightly and then putting a stain over the paint. Update the hardware and you will have a modern vanity for a fraction of the price.

Invest in a New Sink

Sinks are surprisingly affordable, and you should invest in one if your old countertop is hideous plastic or the sink is a lovely shade of baby pink. A new countertop and sink in fresh white porcelain will bring the bathroom into the modern era and give it a clean look.

Quick Fixes for the Shower

Pink shower tiles are the bane of many an older home, but you don’t have to go through the expense and hassle of ripping them out and installing new tile. Shower liners are designed to cover up those old tiles and leave you with a fresh look. An even more affordable option is to have the shower tiles and tub reglazed. Glazing costs less than a thousand dollars and will cover even blue, green and pink tiles with a beautiful shade of white.

Consider the Beauty of Wainscoting

You could spend hours removing the 1965 pink and brown floral wallpaper, or you could cover it with wainscoting. Attractive and sophisticated, wainscoting has a timeless appeal. Paint the raw edges on the bottom and sides to prevent moisture from penetrating it, and then pain the wainscoting for a surface that will be extremely easy to clean.

Make an Impact with Lighting

When you are updating the bathroom, you will want to make the investment in better lighting. Dated light fixtures are an eyesore and will detract from the entire bathroom. Replace the existing lights with beautiful drop lights or flush mounted ceiling lights that match your modern d?�cor and style.

Do the Flooring Right

If the flooring in your bathroom is dated and tired, then you will have to replace it. Take the time to pull the vanity and toilet when putting a new floor in. Carrying the floor under these fixtures will give the bathroom a professional look, and laying the floor will also be easier. If you remove the vanity, refinishing it will also be easier.

Following these steps, you can still expect to still spend a little money on the bathroom remodel. However, the cost will be far lower than the seven to ten thousand you would invest in a full professional remodel. The new bathroom will be bright, clean, affordable and a wonderful boost to your home equity.