Finding the Fireplace Which Fits You and Your Home

Finding the Fireplace Which Fits You and Your Home

Is there anything better than sitting next to a warm fireplace when the temperatures drop outside? During the winter, our fireplaces become the central point for nearly every household. A fireplace not only heats out homes but it also becomes a place for families to like to gather around on chilly winter nights to sip hot chocolate and relax.

When the snow and the temperatures start falling, many homeowners choose to heat their home with more traditional methods of heating, such as wood-burning stoves and soapstone fireplaces. If you have been thinking about doing the same in your home, first consider these tips:

o Know the Type of Fireplace You Want – It is also helpful to know that fireplaces are divided into two groups – those that require external venting and those which do not. A fireplace with external venting includes the wood burning types and natural gas fireplaces. A fireplace which does not require a flue is typically powered by electricity and ethanol.

o Let a professional handle the installation – When a fireplace and chimney are set up incorrectly, it could lead to a disastrous and very dangerous situation. Depending on the type of fireplace, you could be dealing with gas or propane lines and also dealing with fire management. Hire a professional who will safely and properly install the fireplace. Also be sure to notify your insurance company about installing a fireplace.

o How much maintenance is involved? – Each type of fireplace has its own unique features and maintenance requirements. Gas fireplaces, for example, require a gas line and a venting space; while a wood-burning fireplace made from soapstone CT needs a chimney, a firebox and regular mineral oil application. Which one works best for you? Can you handle the cleaning and care or would you have to hire trained cleaners?

o Decide beforehand where you want it – Once a fireplace is installed, there is no moving it. Most homeowners choose to make it the focal point of the room, so the center of a wall is a preferable place to put it. Do not have it placed near windows and doors. There are also regulations for the sizes of the hearth, the surround, mantels and vents.

As you can see there are a wide number of factors to choose from. Take your time and make a smart decision. Not only will a new soapstone fireplace heat up your home during the cold winter months but it also makes a wonderful looking centerpiece for a room.