Coping With Construction – While Living Through Your Home Renovation Project

Coping With Construction – While Living Through Your Home Renovation Project

I was having a conversation the other day with a friend about the pros and cons of staying or leaving during the construction phase a home renovation project.

Obviously it depends on the scope of your remodel, but the truth is if you’re planning on living at home during the entire renovation process, be prepared to make some serious life adjustments – and embrace your new (yet temporary) lifestyle!

Here are a few things to consider:

If You Stay


See progress and attend meetings easily.

Handle challenges quickly.

Avoid added cost in renting.

Minimal disruption of family routines.

Monitor security of property.


Putting up with noise, mess, and lack of privacy.

Need to manage stress of disruption and disorganization.

Project may take longer due to contractor needing to work around you.

Health concerns.Quality of life temporarily compromised.

Relationships will be challenged.

Lack of space for family to live comfortably.

If You Go


Easier on contractor and sub trades to get work done.

Subcontractors can perform more efficiently without being scrutinized.

Don’t have to put up with construction mess and disruption of house.

Less stress, easier on relationships.


Not on site to oversee progress and problems.

Need to trust contractor. Disorientation in relocating.

Financial burden if project takes longer than estimated

Should you decide to stay – there is a lot you can do to survive – and thrive during this adventure-and even keep your sanity and relationships intact.