5 Types of Bathtubs You Can Use for Bathroom Remodeling

5 Types of Bathtubs You Can Use for Bathroom Remodeling

When thinking about remodeling your bathroom, it is a good idea to know the type of bathtubs available in the market. There are many brand names such as American Standard, Jacuzzi, St Thomas creations and Jado among others.

However, there are specific types depending on their designs, shapes and the materials used to make them. The materials used to make them include acrylic, iron, enamel, steel, fiberglass and wood. The most popular material is acrylic because it is light, tough and durable. Bathtubs come in many different colors, shapes and designs and you will therefore not lack one that suits your preferences.

Brand names such as American Standard and Dreamline offer a very large selection to choose from. Some types of bathtubs include the following.

Clawfoot Bathtub

Clawfoot tubs feature legs that look like claws and they were popular in the nineteenth century. The original clawfoot bathtubs were made of iron and porcelain but the bathtubs are now available even in fiberglass. Copper bathtubs are very popular as well. This type of bathtub requires more water to fill than other types of bathtubs.

Pedestal Bathtub

The pedestal bathtub is similar to a clawfoot tub and it comes mainly in an oval shape. This bathtub is straight from the front side and has a slope at the back. It features a place that one can stand on and the best way to place it is on a free standing position. You can fill much more water into a deeper level using a pedestal bathtub compared to other types of bathtubs.

Alcove Bathtub

This type of bathtub is built-in having three enclosed sides and one open side. Often, the bathtub is covered with a shower curtain from the side that is open. This bathtub is appropriate for small bathrooms.

Drop-in Bathtub

This type of bathtub is also known as a soak-in or sunken bathtub because it is placed under the floor. It does not have an exterior portion because it is completely embedded in the ground.

Whirlpool Bathtub

This bathtub is also known popularly as a Jacuzzi. It features air bubbles that refresh the water continuously giving a soft relaxing massage.